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In Spring of 2004 members of the Santa Barbara Rose Society were asked to name three of their most vigorous and prolific roses (not the ones they liked the best).  The survey was repeated Spring of 2010 with members asked to name 5 of their best performing roses.  Here are the top 9 roses that were cited 4 or more times (with the number of times named in parentheses).  They are followed by the 7 roses that were cited 3 times.

 Yves Piaget (6)                Julia Child (6)


 Double Delight (5).............. Fame! (5)........

  Belle of Portugal (5)  Just Joey (4) 

Mister Lincoln (4)     Mrs. B.R. Cant(4) 

Secret (4) Sheila's Perfume (3)

Golden Celebration  (3)                          Bronze Star     (3)
Monsieur Tillier         (3)                          Nancy Reagan  (3)
Cecile Brunner         (3)                          Iceberg   (3)

Master Consulting Rosarian Dan Bifano recommends the following roses for their disease resistance (January, 2014):

About Face, Ambridge Rose, Barbra Streisand, Carding Mill, Cinco de Mayo, Crimson Bouquet, Falling in Love, Fame!, Francis Meilland, Gemini, Hot Cocoa, Ingrid Bergman, Jubilee Celebration, Julia Child, Lasting Love, Livin’ Easy, Marilyn Monroe, Mellow Yellow, Neptune, New Zealand, Pink Promise, Scentimental, Secret, Sugar Moon. (The ones in bold are in the top 9 above.)

Below is a list of the 114 varieties of roses cited, including the number
of times they were selected if more than once. (The top 9 are in bold.)
Below that is a listing by area.


About Face
All Ablaze
Altissimo  (2)
April in Paris
Barbra Streisand
Bella Rome
Belle of Portugal (4)
Belle Story
Betty White
Black Magic
Bow Bells
Brandy (2)
Brass Band
Bronze Star (3)
Burgundy Iceberg
Carding Mill
Cecile Brunner  (3)
Century Two
Charles Warner
Chris Evert
Chrysler Imperial
Cinco de Mayo (2)
Climbing Iceberg
Color Magic
Cottage Rose
Double Delight  (5)
Étoile de Hollande
Excellenz Von Schubert (2)
Falling in Love
Fame  (5)
First Prize
Flower Girl
Frederic Mistral
French Lace  (2)
Gertrude Jekyll (2)
Gilbert Nabonnard
Gloire des Rosomans (2)
Golden Celebration  (3)
Graham Thomas
Grand Impression
Grandmother's Hat
Harvest Gold
Honey Dijon
Honey Perfume
Hot Cocoa  (2)
Iceberg (3)
Ingrid Bergman  (2)

Joseph’s Coat (2)
Julia Child (6)
Just Joey (4)
Katherine Morley
Lasting Love
Livin' Easy
Madame Joseph Schwartz
Margo Koster
Maria Shriver
Mellow Yellow
Mister Lincoln  (4)
Monsieur Tillier
Mrs. B.R. Cant (4)
Mrs. Dudley Cross
Nancy Reagan
Newport Fairy
Outta the Blue
Perfume Delight
Phyllis Bide

PinkGruss an Aachen

Princess Diana (2)
Purple Tiger
Rainbow Sorbet
Red Wand
Reve d'Or

Rosa mutabilis (2)
Royal Sunset

Sally Holmes  (2)
Secret (4)
Sheer Bliss (2)
Sheila's Perfume (3)
Social Climber

Summer Kiss
Sunset Celebration
Tina Maria
Touch of Venus
Tuscan Sun (2)
Yves Piaget  (6)

Best Performing Roses by Area:              

Coastal Area          Century Two, Color Magic, Fame, First Prize, Grandmother’s Hat, Medallion, Sheer Bliss, Social Climber, Snow Bird, Yves Piaget

Foothills               April in Paris, Bolero, Brandy, Bronze Star, Cecile Brunner, Cinco de Mayo, Double Delight, Golden Celebration, Etoile de Hollande, Fame!, Gertrude Jekyll, Graham Thomas, Honey Perfume, Iceberg, Ingrid Bergman, Julia Child,  Just Joey, Mister Lincoln, Nancy Reagan , Outta the Blue, Pink Gruss an Aachen, Rosa Mutabilis, Royal Sunset, Secret, Sheila’s Perfume
Goleta Valley East   Ballerina, Belle of Portugal, Bow Bells, Breathless, Diana             Princess of Wales, Double Delight, Excellenz Von Schubert,  Madame Joseph Schwartz, Monsieur Tillier, Princess Diane, Red Wand 

Goleta Valley West  Brass Band, , Double Delight, Gemini, Mellow Yellow,               Perfume Delight,  Purple Tiger, Sheer Bliss, Sunset Celebration,  Yves Piaget.

Hidden Valley
       Burgundy Iceberg, Carding Mill, Cinco de Mayo, Falling in             Love, Julia Child, Lasting Love, Tropicana

Hope Ranch Annex  Double Delight, Harvest Gold, Olympiad

Mid-town SB           Julia Child, Mister Lincoln, Mrs. B. R. Cant, Tina Maria

Mission Canyon    Belle of Portugal, Gertrude Jekyll, Frederic Mistral,
Iceberg, Yves Piaget

Riviera                    Belle of Portugal, Bewitched, Black Magic,  Excellenz von              Schubert,  Just Joey, Fame, Grand Impression, Michelangelo, Mister Lincoln, Mrs. B. R. Cant, Newport Fairy, Reve d’Or,  Scentimental, Sheila’s Perfume, Secret, Temptation, Vanilla, Yves PIaget

Samarkand            Gilbert Nabonnard, Gloire des Rosomanes, Mme. Lambard, Monsieur Tillier, Mrs. B. R. Cant, Mrs. Dudley Cross,  Sally Holmes

San Roque             Barbra Streisand, Brandy, Bronze Star, Cecile Brunner,               Cottage Rose, Excellenz von Schubert,  Flower Girl, Golden Celebration, Iceberg,  Julia Child (2),  Just Joey, Kathryn Morley, Lagerfuld,  Livin' Easy,  M. Tillier, Phylllis Bide, Pinkie, Polka, Russelliana, Sally Holmes,  Secret,  Sheila’s Perfume,  Sunsprite, Touch of Venus, Yves Piaget   
Santa Ynez             All Ablaze, Bella Roma, Betty White, Chrysler Imperial,Eden, Hot Cocoa, Nancy Reagan, Summer’s Kiss.

Summerland          Color Magic, Fame, First Prize, Medallion, Social Climber

Toro Canyon         Altissimo, Iceberg, Joseph’s Coat, Just Joey

Upper East SB      Disneyland, Heaven on Earth

Vandenberg Village   About Face, Altissimo (2), Honey Dijon, Intrigue, Joseph’s Coat, Just Joey, Tuscan Sun (2), Yves Piaget

Ventura East            Chris Evert, Julie Newmar, Nicole

West Side SB          Julia Child, Belle Story, Maria Shriver, Rainbow Sorbet, Tamora

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